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Every mobile user's first concern, especially with high-end cellphones, is the battery. High-end smartphones have improved performance, which means they consume more battery .If you are in search of an effective solution of Why Samsung S23 battery draining fast, then you are at right place. IN this article, I will provide you with a comprehensive guide on resolving the battery drainage problem came across on the Samsung Galaxy S23.


Samsung's "S" lineup exclusively comprises premium smart phones that consistently dominate the flagship market. The Samsung Galaxy S23, being a market leader, maintains the brand's reputation for excellence.

Despite its exceptional features, numerous users have expressed concerns regarding the rapid battery drain experienced with the Samsung Galaxy S23. Before dig into the remedies, it's important to understand the underlying reasons behind this issue. Subsequently, we will explore practical, straightforward, and proven solutions to address this problem effectively.


Prior to discussing the solutions, it's important to understand the factors contributing to the rapid battery drain on your Samsung Galaxy S23. By look into the root causes, we can then proceed to explore the most efficient, user-friendly, and reliable methods to effectively resolve this issue. Some of the reasons are:

Connected to the charger for long time (Over charging)

Exposure to sunlight

Additional brightness


Wireless Connection

Playing Games for a Long Time

So, these are some of the most typical causes of phone overheating. Now, let's look at how to resolve the Samsung Galaxy S23 battery draining issue.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S23 Battery Life Issues

1.Don’t Overuse Phone:

Overuse harms the health of your phone's battery. When you push anything past its limits, it begins to give you bad outcomes.
If you are a heavy smartphone user, the battery will degrade quickly. Simply avoid using the phone excessively. Reduce your Screen timeout (10 to 15 sec)
Battery life is also affected by screen timeout. If you want to gain greater battery life out of your Samsung Galaxy S23, limit the screen timeout period to at least 15 to 20 seconds.
Many customers who set the timeout longer than advised placed it between 15 and 20 minutes. Furthermore, some users set the screen timeout to infinity. That is, it is never turned off.

2.Refrain from using chargers and cables from other mobile devices:

It is not recommended to use chargers and cables from other mobile devices with your Samsung Galaxy S23. This is because chargers and cables built for specific mobile devices are optimized to give the necessary voltage and current for effective charging and compatibility. Using chargers and cables from other devices may result in incorrect charging, which affect your battery may be slower charging speeds, or even overheating or short-circuiting. To ensure the longevity and functionality of your Samsung Galaxy S23, use the original charger and cord supplied by the manufacturer.

3.Deactivate Nearby Device Scanning

This feature is continually running in the background, looking and scanning for a nearby device to connect to. It alerts you when it detects a nearby device. In the background, scanning for nearby devices consumes battery life.
So, you must disable this feature in order to enhance the battery life of your smartphone. Navigate to

Setting > Tap on Connections > Tap on More Connection Settings > Go to Nearby Device Settings> Tap to turn OFF the feature

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4.Activate Auto-Brightness Feature

This feature adapts the optimum visual display experience automatically. It will reduce brightness in the dark and increase radiance in the light. It will use less battery power by automatically adjusting the brightness level. Navigate to

Settings > Display > Tap on Auto brightness > Slide the switch to the "Auto" position.

5.Restart Your Device

Restarting your device can be helpful in resolving various issues, including battery drain, on your Samsung Galaxy S23. When you restart your device, it clears the temporary files and processes that may be affecting the battery to drain quickly. It also helps refresh the system and software, potentially resolving any software glitches or conflicts that could be contributing to the battery drain issue.

Additionally, restarting your device can help in optimizing the overall functionality of your Samsung Galaxy S23. It allows the device to close any unnecessary background processes or apps that might be running in the background and consuming battery power. By giving your device a fresh start, it can help restore normal functioning and improve battery efficiency.

6.Avoid Using Phones and playing games while Charging:

Using your phone for gaming while it is charging can contribute to the issue of battery drain. This is because playing games or engaging in intensive activities while the device is charging requires simultaneous power consumption and utilization. It's best for you to keep away playing games while your cell is charging, especially since its 3,900 mAh battery may not last a full day on a single charge. Despite this limitation, some individuals still choose to use their phones while they are being charged, despite the battery's capacity being relatively small.

7.Turn Off Tap To Wake Feature (Lift to Wake):

Many Samsung Galaxy S23 users reported that their phones were tapping accidently while in their pockets, causing the battery to deplete quickly. One of them claimed that his Galaxy S23 began recording. If you're having the same problem, disable the Tap To Wake feature. Navigate to

Setting > Tap Advanced Features > Tap Motion and Gestures > Disable both Lift to wake and Double Tap to Wake up

8. Change your Screen Mode

Although using this method is optional, switching on the Basic or Amoled Photo screen mode can increase your battery life by 30% or more. Battery usage for color is higher than for monochrome. Navigate to

Settings > Display > Tap Screen mode > Enable either Basic or AMOLED Photo

9 .Update Software:

Updating the software may be a viable option for resolving the Samsung Galaxy S23 battery issue. Updates typically include a security patch and bug repair, which can help increase battery life. Check determine if your device has received a firmware update then update it at earliest. Navigate to

Settings > Software Update > Download and install.

10.Avoid Having GPS Enabled all the time:

To mitigate excessive battery usage, it is recommended to disable the GPS feature, which can constantly operate in the background processes. When the GPS is enabled, it actively tracks your location and continually updates your position, consuming significant battery power in the process. It is advisable to utilize GPS only when needed and promptly disable it once your task or navigation is completed. By doing so, you can conserve battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S23.

Settings > Location > turn the switch OFF at the top

11. Turn Night mode on

At 100% brightness, moving from light to dark mode reduces battery usage by an average of 40%–50%.

Settings > Display > turn ON the night mode

12.Uninstall apps that are no longer in use

It is advisable to uninstall apps on your Samsung Galaxy S23 that are no longer in use. There are several reasons for doing so:

Free up storage space:

Uninstalling unused apps helps to free up valuable storage space on your device. This will give you more room for additional programmes, media files, and personal data, while also boosting the general efficiency of your smartphone.

Reduce background processes: 

Even if you are not actively using an app, it may still run background processes, consuming system resources and battery power. By uninstalling unused apps, you can minimize these background processes and optimize the device's performance and battery life.

Enhance device security:

Unused apps that are not regularly updated may pose security risks. Uninstalling them ensures that you minimize potential vulnerabilities and reduce the chances of malicious activities or data breaches associated with outdated apps.

Use Navigation Buttons instead of gesture motions

To open recent windows sections, return to the home screen, or return to previous windows options, use the navigation buttons rather than gesture motions. This reduces the burden on the battery's power and increases its timing, allowing it to last longer.
Some individuals find gesture motions to be more convenient, yet the old way delivers a longer-lasting battery life.

13.Disable All Connectivity Mediums When phone Not in Use

Turn off all connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Nearby Share, NFC, and Mobile Data, when your phone is dormant.
Because leaving them on all the time depletes the battery quickly. Or, at the very least, disable any features that will have no effect on you, such as Bluetooth or Nearby sharing.

14.Put Apps to Sleep

Putting apps to sleep is a favorable practice on your Samsung Galaxy S23. Here are the reasons why:

Battery optimization:

When you put an app to sleep, it restricts its background activities and reduces its battery consumption. Sleeping apps consume minimal power, allowing your device's battery to last longer.

Improved performance:

Sleeping apps free up system resources, such as CPU and RAM, which leads to improved overall performance. By limiting background processes of unused apps, you can ensure that your device runs smoothly and efficiently.

Reduced data usage:

Some apps continue to use data even when you're not actively using them. By putting those apps to sleep, you can prevent unnecessary data usage and save on your mobile data plan.

Minimized notifications: 

Sleeping apps typically don't generate notifications or push updates. This can help declutter your notification panel and reduce distractions, allowing you to focus on the apps you use frequently.

Privacy and security:

Sleeping apps limit their access to sensitive data and permissions while they are inactive.

15.Update your Phone & Apps:

Old version apps not only drain your phone's battery but also create a slew of other problems, as you can see.

Old apps cannot sync with the current version of Android and the UI, and they are occasionally incompatible with the old version of apps, resulting in bad effects.

This problem can easily resolved with software updates. Some functionalities may be turned off or altered for a variety of reasons. It also has privacy and security implications.

However, to keep your phone secure and safe, update the Android version and security patch version.


Therefore, these simple methods offer effective and practical solutions to resolve the battery draining issue on the Samsung Galaxy S23. If you have followed all the provided methods and continue to experience the same problem, it is advisable to seek assistance from your nearest Samsung service center. It's worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy S23 boasts exceptional specifications, and the aforementioned issues are common occurrences that can be rectified with ease using the suggested methods.


Ques. Is Samsung Galaxy S23 worth buying?

Ans.  With its Outstanding performance, high resolution cameras, and impressive battery power, the Samsung Galaxy S23 stands as the ultimate value-for-money Android phone. It fulfills all the needed features that make it a top choice in the market.

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